Inventor Project
30 mins
290 points
What you need:
  • Microbit
  • Move Mini Robot Car
  • Phillips Screwdriver

Build your Move Mini Robot Car

The Move Mini Robot Car attaches to your Microbit and allows you to program it in another of different ways.

1 - Get an adult to help

Some of the instructions for building your Move Mini Robot Car are difficult. We recommend that you ask an adult to help you build it.

2 - Open the package

Open your package and layout the contents on a table.

You will need your Microbit and a small Phillips screwdriver.

3 - Follow the instructions

Included in the package is a green booklet with instructions on how to build your Move Mini Robot Car.

4 - Assembling the Servo:Lite PCB

Follow the instructions in 1. Assembling the Servo:Lite PCB.

Be careful when you screw the screws in, make sure they go in straight and evenly. The metal of the screws is what is used to conduct the electricity between the batteries and the Microbit.

5 - Flash the Zip LEDs

Follow the instructions in 2. Flash the Zip LEDs.

Tip, use the Pixel Array show  block to make the LEDs show the colours you have programmed.

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