Brainstorming (Scratch)


This is a teacher led lesson where the class (or groups) will brainstorm different ideas for creating games, animations or anything in Scratch.


Explain brainstorming

Explain what brainstorming is to the students and give some examples of where and how it is used. Layout the format to the students:

  1. The teacher will split the students into groups and pick a 'note taker' for each group.
  2. The teacher will give a pencil and paper to the note taker and their job is to write down the ideas the group comes up with.
  3. In turns, each person in the group will try and come up with an idea for something to make in Scratch. It can be a game or a story or a music video or anything! Students should note though that will be trying to make the idea in Scratch so to be realistic in their idea e.g. it would take a very long time to program Minecraft in Scratch!
  4. After 10 minutes, the note taker from each group will read out the ideas that their group came up with.


Split into groups

Split the students into groups of around 5 and nominate a note taker for each group. Each group will need to be sitting in a group, preferably facing each other in a circle.

Give the note taker a pencil and some paper and explain that they will be writing down the title of the idea and the name of the person who came up with it. 


Group brainstorming

Give the group about 10 minutes to one by one talk about their ideas within the group. Each idea needs a title (for example 'Donkey Bowling') that the note taker will write down along with the person whose idea it is.

Everyone should be encouraged to come up with their own idea or to take someone elses idea and change it in a way that they'd like.


Read out ideas

When the teacher thinks that everyone has had a chance to come up with their idea, get the note takers to one by one read out the ideas from their group.

This part is another chance for brainstorming where the teacher could ask the class for any ideas on changing or improving a particular idea.


Students map out their idea

Using the attached 'Scratch Brainstorm Sheet', get students to draw and map out their idea on the sheet. This makes them think about how their idea will look and work on the screen and within Scratch.

Ask them to also think about how they might code their idea. What blocks might they use?


(Optional) Create the idea in scratch

This is an optional, time permitting step.

Get the students to try and create their idea in Scratch or alternatively the class/teacher can pick an idea and the teacher will create it on the large screen with everyone talking through the steps.

End of lesson
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