Introduction to Coding


This lesson gives children in 4th, 5th or 6th Class, an introduction to coding and the fundamental concepts of computer programming.

This is a teacher led lesson. You should use a large screen display to show the video and then do the "Program the Teacher" exercise and group discussion with your class.


Introduction to Coding Video

Using a large screen display, show this "Introduction to Coding" video to your class. The video introduces the children to computers, coding, instructions, sequences and visual programming languages.

Duration: 3:43


Program the teacher!

Get your students to give you instructions to do certain tasks. Just one student at a time should be giving you the instructions.

Examples of tasks they can get you to perform:

  1. Walk to a table and pick up a book
  2. Walk to the board and write your name
  3. Take a drink from the bottle of water

This can be a really fun and effective exercise in getting the students to think about what instructions to give and in what order.

Be very specific when following their instructions, for example if they ask you to write something on the board before picking up the chalk/marker then try to write without it. This demonstrates to the students that they need to be precise in what instructions they give and in what order.



Have a quick group discussion with your students to see if they can answer the following:

  • Can you think of any other items with computers in them that are in your home or your school?
  • What computer programs might they have in them?
  • How can we interact with these computers? (how can we give them instructions and how do the computers respond?)
End of lesson
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