Our Goal

To enable & support Irish schools to teach coding

Coding Classes

In 2016 we started our company, then called Carlow Coding, and began teaching coding classes to children aged between 5 to 12 in the evenings from our base in Carlow. We started small, just running one class a week but quite quickly we realised we'd need to put on more classes as not only were new kids enrolling, kids that completed our classes wanted to come back and do more.

“Not only were new kids enrolling, kids that completed our classes wanted to come back and do more.”

Alan Joyce

Over time we started scheduling our classes into different age groups and then also by experience. We started creating lesson plans to suit kids depending on their age and the previous classes they had attended, and so the very first version of the Coding Curriculum was born!

Summer Camps

In July 2017 we ran our first summer camps. As well as our established coding lessons using laptops we also introduced the kids to robots, automated cars, 3D printing, electric lego circuits and virtual reality.

Summer Coding Camp 2017
Summer Coding Camp 2017

Focusing on primary schools

Since 2016 we taught hundreds of children how to code and over that time we kept on being asked two questions:

  1. Do you run any after schools programmes?
  2. Do you provide any teacher training?

The answer to both these questions was "Sorry unfortunately we don't", but it got us thinking about how we could help schools start to teach coding. We always thought it was a great subject to teach kids and we saw first hand how excited and motivated they were.

So in late 2017 we started looking at what we could offer to primary schools and we began putting together a formal Coding Curriculum as well as teacher training materials to accompany it.

Primary Schools Pilot

In March 2018 we launched our Primary Schools Pilot where we provided teacher training and the Coding Curriculum to five schools.

  1. Ballon NS, Co. Carlow
  2. Tullow Boys NS, Co. Carlow
  3. Scoil Mhuire Howth NS, Co. Dublin
  4. Prosperous NS, Co. Kildare
  5. Redeemer NS, Co. Louth

The pilot allowed us to work closely with the schools as they used the Coding Curriculum and to see first hand what are the challenges with teaching coding in a primary school setting. We received great feedback from the schools and we've used this feedback to improve our Coding Curriculum and Teacher Training.

What teachers and parents say about us

My class loved the lessons, the step by step procedures were easy to follow and the images made it easy to correct any mistakes in the code.

Clare Reilly
3rd Class Teacher, Muire Mixed Howth NS, Dublin

Just super. Patrick enjoyed every minute and he can't wait for the weekly classes. Thank you, we could not recommend you highly enough.

Mum of Patrick

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