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3,059 students led by 1,018 teachers in 635 Irish primary and secondary schools use Coding Ireland.

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Teachers and children get a weekly project pack with coding & STEM videos, step by step lessons, projects and quizzes.

What's Happening Right Now

  • Coding Ireland
    2 hours ago
    Completed the step Setup the variables from the Space Shooter project.
    Awarded 10 points pig Rare

  • Dublin Fingal Libraries
    14 hours ago
    Completed the Driving and traffic lights quiz project!
    Awarded 0 points bowling-ball Rare

  • Dublin Fingal Libraries
    15 hours ago
    Completed the Keepy Ups project!
    Awarded 25 points tennis-ball Rare

  • Coding Ireland
    15 hours ago
    Completed the step Create the ship sprite from the Rocket Lander project.
    Awarded 30 points angel Rare
This week's leaderboards
# Coder Points
Senior Pilot
Coding Ireland
Chief Pilot
Coding Ireland
Junior Engineer
Dublin Fingal Libraries
Chief Engineer
Dublin Fingal Libraries
Junior Pilot
Coding Ireland
# Scshool Points
1 Dublin Fingal Libraries
Dublin Fingal
2 Malahide Library
Dublin Fingal
3 Bridgetown College
4 Howth Library
Dublin Fingal
5 Swords Library
Dublin Fingal

Based on points scored 07 Apr to 14 Apr.

Teach coding in your school or library

We provide Irish schools and libraries with easy to use Coding Lessons and Teacher Training for how to teach coding.

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Everything you need to start coding lessons

Coding Lessons

Lessons to teach coding to your students that consists of lesson plans that introduce children to coding and brings them through more and more advanced topics.

  • Step by step lessons

    Each lesson comes with step by step instructions on how to create the project as well as notes and a completed solution for the teacher.

  • Easy to use

    Children can view an online version of each lesson using our super easy to use website or teachers can give lesson printouts to the them.

  • Graded lessons

    Our lessons are broken down from 1st to 6th class, are graded by difficulty and are linked to the The Department of Education and Skills seven curriculum areas.

Teacher Training

We provide both online and workshop based teacher training that gives school teachers and librarians the knowledge and skills to teach coding as a subject.

  • Online training

    Take our online course to get a "Teaching Coding in School Level 1" certificate from Coding Ireland.

  • School workshops

    We come to your school and run a two hour workshop that gives your teachers the necessary training and knowledge to start teaching coding.

  • Equipment Info & Guides

    All our coding lessons list the computer equipment that is required for the lesson and teachers can access handy guides that provide additional information about the equipment.

Want to know more?

Read on to find out more about our
Coding Lessons and Teacher Training.

What teachers and parents say about us

Just super. Patrick enjoyed every minute and he can't wait for the weekly classes. Thank you, we could not recommend you highly enough.

Mum of Patrick

Coding helped my class develop their problem solving and critical thinking skills. It also encouraged pair work as they helped each other to try new things and find a solution.

Nodlaig Lowe
3rd & 4th Class Teacher, Prosperous National School, Kildare

Start coding in your school or library

Are you interested in teaching coding in your school or library? Take the first step on your coding journey!

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