School Closures: help for parents, teachers & kids

Due to the recent school closures, we're trying to provide a small bit of help to everyone. For parents and kids, all of our step by step coding projects are now free to use, and for teachers it's now free to enroll in our "Teaching Coding in Primary School" online course.

Projects for 1st, 2nd & 3rd Class Projects for 4th, 5th & 6th Class Teacher Training
Lesson Difficulty Duration Topics
Introduction to Coding Beginner 30
Scratch Basics Beginner 30 Scratch
Create your Scratch account Beginner 15 Scratch
Maze Game Beginner 60 Scratch Game
Paddle Ball Beginner 60 Scratch Game
Quiz #1 - 4th Class Beginner 20 Quiz
Quiz #1 - 5th Class Beginner 20 Quiz
Quiz #1 - 6th Class Beginner 20 Quiz
Secret Cipher Beginner 15 Game
Racing Car Easy 60 Scratch
Code Crackers Alphabet Easy 30 Game
Time Travel Easy 60 Scratch
Brainstorming (Scratch) Easy 60 Scratch
Internet Safety Easy 45 SPHE
Flying Animation Easy 60 Scratch
Microbit Basics Easy 45 Microbit
Microbit Pedometer Easy 60 Microbit PE
Interactive Christmas Card Easy 60 Scratch
Red v Green v Blue Easy 60 Scratch
Around the World Normal 60 Mathematics Scratch
Volcano Normal 60 Mathematics Scratch Geography
Attack of the Dots Normal 60 Scratch Game
Microbit Bop It Game Normal 60 Game Microbit
Scratch Gravity and Jumping Normal 45 Scratch
Microbit Toothbrush Timer Normal 60 Mathematics Microbit
Explained in Code: Happy or Not Normal 60 Scratch Explained in Code
Super St Patrick Normal 60 Scratch Game Geography
Keepy Ups Hard 60 Scratch Game
The Salmon of Knowledge Hard 90 Scratch SESE
Autonomous Car (part 1) Hard 60 Scratch
Space Shooter Hard 90 Mathematics Scratch Game
Sea Battle - Part 1 Hard 90 Scratch Game
Sea Battle - Part 2 Hard 90 Scratch Game
Autonomous Car Hard 60 Scratch
Angles Hard 60 Scratch
Microbit Zombies Hard 60 Game Microbit
Dino Jump Hard 60 Game Arcade
Guess the Picture Hard 60 Scratch Game
Eye Colour Predictor VeryHard 90 Scratch
Maze - Artificial Intelligence VeryHard 60 Mathematics Scratch

Remote teaching for Irish schools

Coding Ireland have launched a remote teaching platform for Irish schools. allows teachers to create lessons & assignments, send them to their students and work together online. Free Trial

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