Code Crackers Alphabet


This is a worksheet that you give to each child. The first sheet is the Alphabet Code Sheet and lists the letters of the alphabet along with a three colour code for each letter.

Using the Alphabet Code Sheet as a reference, the children need to work out what the secret messages are. On the final sheet the children will colour in the boxes to make their own messages.


Print out sheets

Included with this lesson is a document called "Code Crackers Alphabet" that you will need to print out. You will need one copy for each child and you will need to print it in colour.


Explain the game

This is a game that you can play with the children that teaches them about codes that represent something (in this case a letter from the alphabet).

Show the children the Alphabet Code Sheet and explain that each letter is represented by a three colour code. The colours in the code and also the sequence of the colours are important.

The children must use the Alphabet Code Sheet as a reference to work out what the secret messages are and then finally colour in the last sheet to create their own secret messages.

End of lesson
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