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Aita AI

Aita: AI Teaching Assitant

Digi AI

Digi: Student Learning Assistant

Meet Aita and Digi: Your Personalized Learning Assistants

Innovative AI Tools to Enhance Teaching and Learning

  • Personalized feedback and support for students
  • Innovative tools and insights for teachers
  • Engaging and educational activities

Aita and Digi are just a click away on lesson screens

Aita AI
Aita's Avatar Aita: AI Teaching Assitant

Clear and Consistent Instructional Support

Aita can help teachers provide clear and consistent instructional support to students. With Aita's assistance, teachers can ensure that students receive the guidance they need to understand and complete each lesson successfully.

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Aita's Avatar Digi: Student Learning Assistant

Creating a quick quiz for students

Digi can create engaging and effective quizzes for students to test their understanding of each lesson. Digi's AI-powered tools create quizzes quickly and easily, with tailored questions that meet the learning needs of each student.

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Digi AI

Frequently Asked Questions

Aita and Digi are our AI-powered teaching and learning assistants that offer personalized support and feedback to both students and teachers.

Aita and Digi can help students by providing personalized feedback and support that is tailored to their individual learning needs. For teachers, Aita and Digi offer innovative tools and insights that can help them teach more efficiently and effectively.

To get started with using Aita and Digi, simply sign up for our platform and follow the onboarding instructions. Our user-friendly interface makes it easy to incorporate Aita and Digi into your learning or teaching practice.

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