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Robot Football

Learn about robotics and program robots to play a football game against an artificial intelligence program.

This is an "in school" event where we come to your school with programmable robots and small football pitch where we play a Human v AI Robot Football Match.

Your students will learn about robotics and program robot cars to act as the players on the human team. Your students will remotely control the robots and play against an artificial intelligence program that control the AI team.

The AI team uses a camera to detect where the ball, the players and the goal is. It then controls the AI robots to play against the human team's robots that are controlled by your students.

This is an amazing learning experience for your students that showcases the capabilities of programming and robotics. Can they defeat the AI program on it's hardest setting? 

What your students learn

  • Robotics
  • Wireless signals
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Cameras & computer vision
  • Detecting objects and QR
  • Game play
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