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Using messages

In this lesson we learn about another way to start characters talking at the correct time using the "message" blocks.

1 - Create a new project

Create a new Scratch project and delete the cat sprite.

2 - Add two backdrops

In this story, two characters from two different worlds tell us about their planets. So let's start off by adding the following two backdrops to our project:

  1. Add the backdrop 'Mountain'
  2. Add the backdrop 'Space'

3 - Add two characters

Next let's add our two characters to our project. Add the two following sprites from the sprite library:

  1. Add the sprite 'Nano'
  2. Add the sprite 'Pico'

We want Pico to face the other way so follow these steps to flip the sprite:

  1. Click on the Pico sprite in the sprite list
  2. Click on the "Costumes" tab
  3. Click the "Flip Horizontal" button

4 - Hide Pico

Pico does not appear at the start of our story, so add the following code to the Pico sprite to hide him.

When green flag clicked hide

5 - Nano's Planet

Now let's program Nano to tell us about her planet. We also want to set Nano to show at the start of our story and set the backdrop to her cold, mountainous planet!

Add the following code to the Nano sprite:

when green flag clicked show switch backdrop to [Mountain v] say [Hi my name is Nano and I come from the planet Nanbot] for (3) seconds say [It is a cold planet!] for (2) seconds

Click on the green flag to check your code works.

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