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What you need:
  • Computer/laptop

What is an array?

Learn what arrays and lists are and how we use them in coding.

1 - What is an array?

An array or list is a group of values stored in a collection. These values may be added to, changed or rearranged.

For example in a game we could have an array called "top scores" and this would store the 10 highest scores of the game along with the player's name.

Top Scores

  1. 482 - Gamerboy
  2. 470 - SteveO
  3. 465 - NinJane
  4. 430 - Zeplin
  5. 382 - Speedster

2 - Changing the items

Once we create an array we can:

  • Add items to it add 465 - NinJane to [top scores] 
  • Delete items from it delete 1 of [top scores] (where 1 is the index of the item you want to delete)
  • Delete all of the items in the array delete all of [top scores] 
  • Retrieve an item from the array item 1 of [top scores] 
  • Get the amount of items in the array length of [top scores] 
  • Check if it contains a specific item [top scores] contains thing ? 
  • Replace an item in an array with a different item replace item 1 of [top scores] with thing 

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