60 mins
105 points
What you need:
  • Computer/laptop
  • Move Mini Robot Car

Move Mini First Moves

In this project we program our Move Mini Robot Car to make some basic moves

1 - Set up your Move Mini Robot Car

Before you start this project you will need to have built your Move Mini Robot Car. We covered how to do this in a previous lesson.

2 - Create a new Microbit project

Go to the makecode.microbit.org website and create a new Microbit project.

3 - Add the kitronik-servo-lite extension

To code the Move Mini to move we need to add the kitronik-servo-lite extension to our project. This extension has pre-programmed blocks that are easy to use for programming the Move Mini to move, turn and do different things.

Add the kitronik-servo-lite extension to your project.

4 - Calibrate the Car

Before we begin giving the car instructions to move, we need to calibrate with some settings on how fast to move and how fast to turn/rotate.

Add the following code to your project.

5 - Drive in a square

Now let's start to program the car to move!

First we are going to program the car to drive in a square. We'll do this by making the car:

  1. drive 10 cm and turn 90 degrees left
  2. drive 10 cm and turn 90 degrees left
  3. drive 10 cm and turn 90 degrees left
  4. drive 10 cm and turn 90 degrees left

Add the following code to your project.

Once you have added this code, send the code to the Microbit in the Move Mini and test that it works.

You may need to tweak the value in the calibrate turn speed to 250 degrees per second block so that your car turns an accurate 90 degrees. If it is not turning accurately, try either increasing or decreasing the value in this block.

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