Microbit Inventor Project
60 mins
250 points
What you need:
  • Computer/laptop
  • Move Mini Robot Car
  • Phone

Remote Control Car

Use a phone as the remote controller to drive your car!

1 - Set up your Move Mini Robot Car

Before you start this project you will need to have built your Move Mini Robot Car. We covered how to do this in a previous lesson.

2 - Get a phone

For this project you will also need an Android phone that has Bluetooth. We are going to use this to send messages to the Microbit to drive and steer the car.

You will need to install the 'Kitronik Move' app onto the phone. This app has a D-Pad game controller interface that you will use.

Google Play App Link

Unfortunately there is no Apple iOS version of the Kitronik app at this time.

3 - Create a new Microbit project

Go to the makecode.microbit.org website and create a new Microbit project.

4 - Add the Bluetooth extension

To communicate between the phone and the Microbit we're going to use Bluetooth so we need to add the Bluetooth extension to your project.

This extension allows you to 'pair' your Microbit with a phone and then we will use the app to send messages from the phone to your Microbit.

Add the Bluetooth extension to your project and then add the following code.

5 - Add the kitronik-servo-lite extension

To code the Move Mini to move we need to add the kitronik-servo-lite extension to our project. This extension has pre-programmed blocks that are easy to use for programming the Move Mini to move, turn and do different things.

Add the kitronik-servo-lite extension to your project.

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