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Digital Art
30 mins
185 points
What you need:

Create a background

In this lesson we will use some of the tools we have learnt about to create our own background.

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1 - Open the Scratch website

In this lesson we're going to use the Scratch website to create some digital art. Open the website using the link below and create a new project. Delete the cat sprite from your project.

2 - Create a new backdrop

In Scratch, backgrounds are called "backdrops".

Create a new backdrop.

3 - Draw the sky

We're going to draw a backdrop with the sky, mountains, clouds and birds.

First let's create the sky.

  1. Choose the Rectangle tool
  2. Choose a light blue color with no outline
  3. Draw a rectangle that's bigger than the frame of the backdrop

4 - Perspectives

Perspectives are the different levels of a picture or scene that show how things are positioned relative to each other. There are three main perspectives in a picture: foreground, middleground, and background.

  • Foreground: The foreground is the part of the picture that is closest to the viewer. It's the part of the picture that is most in focus and appears to be the closest to you. For example, in a landscape painting, the foreground might show trees, flowers, or other objects that are closest to you.
  • Middleground: The middleground is the part of the picture that is in the middle distance. It's the part of the picture that is between the foreground and the background. For example, in a landscape painting, the middleground might show buildings, hills, or other objects that are further away from you but still closer than the background.
  • Background: The background is the part of the picture that is farthest from the viewer. It's the part of the picture that appears to be the furthest away from you. For example, in a landscape painting, the background might show mountains, clouds, or other elements that are very far away from you.

By understanding these perspectives, you will be able to create pictures that have depth and that appear to be three-dimensional. They will also be able to position objects in their pictures in a way that makes sense and that creates a sense of distance and proximity.

5 - Draw a mountain in the foreground

Next let's draw a mountain in the foreground.

  1. Using the Rectangle tool, draw a green rectangle at the bottom of the backdrop. It should stretch all the way from the left side of the backdrop to the right side.
  2. Select the Reshape tool, drag one of the corners up so that the shape is now slanted.

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