Microbit Sensors & Circuits Coding Basics
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Designing a Microbits Weather Station

In this lesson, you will create a project using your Microbit that displays different sensor readings based on button presses. This includes temperature, light level, sound level, and acceleration.
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1 - Create a New Project

Start by creating a new project. Navigate to MakeCode for Microbit and click on 'New Project'. Give your project a name, such as 'Weather Station'.

2 - Initialize Variables

First, we need to declare and initialize our two main variables: 'mode' and 'reading'. 'Mode' will help us determine which sensor's data we want to display, and 'reading' will store the sensor data. Add the following code:

let reading = 0
let mode = 0
mode = 1

The following are the different modes we will have:

  1. is for displaying the temperature.
  2. is for displaying the light level.
  3. is for displaying the sound level.
  4. is for displaying movement.

3 - Configure Button A

Let's start by configuring Button A. When this button is pressed, we want 'mode' to be 1. Add the following code:

input.onButtonPressed(Button.A, function () {
   mode = 1

4 - Configure Button B

Next, let's configure Button B. When this button is pressed, we want 'mode' to be 2. Add the following code:

input.onButtonPressed(Button.B, function () {
    mode = 2

5 - Configure Buttons A and B

Now, let's configure the combination of Buttons A and B. When both these buttons are pressed, we want 'mode' to be 3. Add the following code:

input.onButtonPressed(Button.AB, function () {
    mode = 3

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