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How a Digital Footprint is Created

Discover the actions and behaviors that contribute to creating your digital footprint.
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1 - Introduction to Digital Footprints

A digital footprint is the record of everything you do online. It includes the websites you visit, the things you post, and the comments you make. In this lesson, you will learn about the actions and behaviors that contribute to your digital footprint.

2 - Your Online Actions

Think about the things you do online every day. You might visit websites, play games, watch videos, or chat with your friends. Every time you do something online, you leave a 'footprint' behind. This footprint can be seen by others and can sometimes stay online forever.

3 - Examples of Digital Footprints

Here are some examples of things that can create a digital footprint:

  • Posting a photo on social media
  • Leaving a comment on a video
  • Searching for something on the internet
  • Playing an online game
  • Creating an account on a website

4 - Positive and Negative Footprints

Not all digital footprints are the same. Some can be positive, and others can be negative.

  • A positive digital footprint can show that you are responsible and kind online.
  • A negative digital footprint can show that you have been unkind or made poor choices online.

5 - How to Create a Positive Digital Footprint

To create a positive digital footprint, you can:

  • Be kind and respectful when you interact with others online
  • Share positive things, like a beautiful picture or a kind message
  • Ask for permission before sharing someone else's work
  • Think before you post something online - is it something you would be proud to show your family?

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