Microbit Arts
30 mins
150 points
What you need:
USB Cable
LED Strip with crocodile clips

LED Flags

Light you LED strip up as a tri-colour flag

1 - Introduction

Let's try make some flags using our LED strip. The easiest flags to make will be bicolor (2 colour) flags or tricolor (3 color) flags but we can get creative and make other ones as well.

2 - Create a new Microbit project

To get started create a new Microbit project.


3 - Add the neopixel extension

To access the blocks we need to program the LED strip, you need to add the neopixel extension to your project.

4 - Setup the LED Strip

To be able to interact and program the LED strip we will need a variable that stores the strip.

Add the following code to your project. We set the value to be 30 as there are 30 LEDs on the strip.

5 - Make a bicolor flag

To make a bicolor flag, we will create 2 ranges of LEDs on the strip and light them up the separate colours of the flag. In this example we're going to make the flag of Malta which is white and red.

Create 2 ranges:

  • range1 - from 0 with 15 leds
  • range2 - from 15 with 15 leds

And then light up range1 white and range2 red.

Download the code to your microbit and attached the LED strip using the crocodile clips. It should light up as the flag of Malta.

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