Coding Ireland STEM Report 2024 Have Your Say
Virtual Reality
60 mins
70 points
What you need:
VR Cardboard Headset

Panoramic Photos

Learn about panoramic photos, what they are, how to capture and view them.

1 - What is a panoramic photo?

A panoramic photo shows a field of view considerably wider than the one that can be captured in one exposure (shot), and gives the viewer of the photo a closer feeling of what it was like to be actually there.

To make a panorama, you take several shots that capture overlapping sections of the scene; then you use imaging software to seamlessly stitch (join) the sections together. Or you can use the camera app in a phone to take and create a panoramic photo.

2 - What is a 360 panoramic photo?

A 360 degree photo is a panoramic image that goes from the first point which you start shooting until the last point you shoot in a 360 degree angle (a full rotation/circle).

These photos can go up and down as well as side to side.

3 - How to take a panoramic photo?

The easiest way to take a panoramic photo is to use the camera app on a phone.

Android Phones
Google's camera app has two different modes that you can use, Panorama and Photo Sphere.

iPhones Phones
Apple's iOS camera app has a Pano mode.

If you are able to get a phone to use, try using the camera app on it to take a panoramic photo.

4 - How to view panoramic photos?

You can view panoramic photos in a number of different ways.

  1. On web pages (such as this one) using a computer.
  2. On web pages (such as this one) using a phone.
  3. On web pages (such as this one) using a phone and a VR headset viewer (tap the icon).
  4. On a phone using it's picture app for panoramic photos you have taken or saved on the phone.

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